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I am Loki of Asgard,
God of Mischief and Lies. If you have any urgent matter, you can bring it to me, but be warned that I won’t waste my time with trivialities. [sidebar credit: xrdj] ♛

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"thanks…" she replied sarcastically "so are you going to get off of me anytime soon?…" her voice trailed off as she saw a red dot on Lokis side, there was someone aiming to shoot at him. without thinking she used all of her strength and flipped them over so that she was on top, and just as she did that a shot fired straight into her waist

Loki’s eyes widened before he instinctively reached his hand out at the aggressor and shot a green lightning at them. “Get off”, he hissed, “we are being attacked!” He pushed her off and leapt up to his feet.


Zephine nodded, “I guess were in the same boat with that.” she unwrapped a tootsie roll and handed it to him, “it might taste better this way.”

He grinned, took the toosie roll and put it into his mouth. “I warn you, I have an antidote with me, in case you want to poison me!”, he said jokingly.


Rapunzel nodded. “Of course. That is completely understandable.” She walked with him toward the door. As they walked, her eyes darted everywhere trying to take in all the amazon sights all at once. A question suddenly popped into her head. “If I may be so bold as to ask, how old are you sire?” She turned to looked at the guard next to her.

A little smile tugged on his lips. “Older than you might imagine. We gods live for centuries, millennia even. A mortal’s life is nothing compared to how long we live. But you are not an ordinary mortal, are you? How old are you?” He looked at her with curiosity.
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Stella stared up at the man green eyes locked on green eyes. He was much taller then she was then again so was most people,she wondered if her parents were short and thats why she was short to. “Why are you dressed like that? Are you going to a cosplay party or something?” She asked analyzing his clothes.

“What play?” He frowned irritatedly and looked down at the young, raven-haired girl. “Who are you and where do you come from?”, he asked harshly. “Are you from Midgard? You look like a mortal.”
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"It’s just a small little crystal that’s purple I can fill it with my power and become human again."

He frowned, confused. “And you found it? Didn’t turn out so well for you as I can see.” There was a touch of mockery in his voice.
Hiding in the shadows || Loki and Sif (closed)


"Such poison in your words Loki… Are you really that jealous of your brother?” Sif taunted back, smirking at him as he sat beside her, “Oh yes, I do find myself in much more suitable company now, trickster. I absolutely prefer you over your glorious, strong, and handsome brother.” Sif rolled her eyes, “Please. I cam not to find you, but to escape. The fact that you are here is merely an accident.”

“Tell me one reason why I should envy him.” He raised his eyebrows sarcastically. “So, so, to escape? Has your duty become too hard to bear for such a honourable warrior like you?”
athyroidstory asked: Once you get this, you have to say five nice things you like about yourself publicly, then send it to ten of your favorite followers! -AThyroidStory 

So sorry I’m late for this! So hum, what do I like about myself? Oh, it would be easier to find things I don’t like but well, I’ll try…

1) I’m quite good at playing music (piano & violin)

2) I’m good at learning languages (I speak 5)

3) I’m ambitious (this can be either good or bad)

4) I’m a caring person and I never let down my friends, I try to help where and whenever I can

5) I’m very tolerant and open-minded and I hate prejudices towards nationalities, races, gender, sexuality etc.

Thank you for sending me this! ♥

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